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Event planning, demystified.

When you attend an event, you’re experiencing the end result of untold hours of effort. From initial strategy to flawless execution, event planning is a rewarding career in a growing industry.

However, the details involved in managing a successful, meaningful event can be dizzying. There’s a reason Forbes named meeting planner one of the five most stressful jobs of 2016.

But it doesn’t have to be.

We’re here to simplify the process.

Whether you’re an employee responsible for your office’s meetings and workshops, an entrepreneur interested in conduct events or retreats, or simply a professional looking to break into the field, we’re here to provide the training and support you need.

By joining the ranks of event planners,
you’re stepping into a pivotal role.

At Meeting Achievements, we’re well-equipped to guide you on your journey. With over 1,000 successful events behind us, we’re your experienced mentor as you learn to:

Use meetings to achieve specific business objectives, capitalizing on the benefits of face-to-face interaction,

Design a customized planning process that incorporates budgeting, project management, communication, and evaluation tools,


Employ cost-effective strategies across various event elements to maximize your return on investment.

Learn to plan unforgettable events.

We’ve developed a comprehensive training program to teach you the ins and outs of goal-oriented event planning. You’ll learn to capitalize upon meetings as essential tools for networking, innovation, and growth. Moreover, you’ll step into the mindset of a veteran event planner, becoming a strategic and successful coordinator in your own right.

Our web-based training program can be completed at your own pace, with accountability checks incorporated throughout. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in the course according to your schedule and needs.

Each of the 18 modules breaks down a different component of the industry. Just a few of the topics include:
• Comprehensive overview of the event planning process, from start to finish,
• Insights into the industry and its trends,
• End-to-end lessons for event coordination,
• Insights into budget and goal setting, project management, site and vendor selection, and more,
• Behind-the-scenes field trip to meet industry leaders and see best practices in action,
• Comprehensive glossary of meeting and event planning terms.

Are you ready to coordinate exceptional events?

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